Cathie Gibson

CathieWebCathie is our full time Executive Assistant!

It’s great to be back! I look forward to connecting/re-connecting with you all! Ok a little bit about myself…

I am originally from a small coastal town in Connecticut, however I have lived here in the Valley Of The Sun for over 20 years. Being a Native New-Englander has given me the strength & passion for working hard, negotiating the best deals for clients & being a team player. My “No grass grows under my feet!” mentality simply means that I will not put off tomorrow what can be done today which in-turn makes it a win-win for everyone involved in a transaction! I am dedicated to provide all clients a level of service that is unsurpassed.

I have been in the Real Estate industry for over 10 years as a full time Realtor and hold various accreditations. Prior to Real Estate, I was the original owner of Kennel-Me-Not, an in home personalized pet sitting company. My love of all animals (especially dogs & horses) helped catapult my company of 11 employees and over 1300 clients to the largest West side service of it’s kind.

I have a loving, supportive husband of over 15 years who is an Elementary School Teacher and am an extremely proud Mom of twin teenage boys who play little league and guitar. 3 loving dogs round out my family. In my spare time I do quite a bit of vegetable container gardening and looking for items for my Country Primitive themed home.

Here is some Luv from Cathie’s Sphere of Influence!:

Sold a Home in 2014

Hi Cathie,

I just wanted to send off a note for you, and to share with the folks at your company.

I really appreciated all of the incredible support you provided during the very long, extended, process of my short sale. Your efficiency in keeping everything straight with the bank, and responsiveness to me when I had questions, and when I was trying to put together the time line for my company, were definitely part of what helped me get through this process without losing my mind along the way. You proactively kept me appraised of progress, and sent me reminders for the items I needed to submit, in a professional and courteous manner. Above all, you helped me keep a sense of humor within a process that is an absolute bear – and that was one of the most helpful things of all!

I count myself lucky that we had you on our side to get through this last 15 months, and your team is lucky to have someone like you with them!

Thank you again for all of your help!

C.C. Childree

(Successful short sale client – whose sanity you help keep intact!)


Purchased a Home 2009

Cathie helped me find and purchase my current home. It was a short sale purchase, and Cathie was very patient and on top of the details throughout the process. She made a few smart moves at negotiation that potentially saved us months of negotiations. Never pushy or “salesy”, she patiently showed me  about a hundred (LOL) different houses over nearly a year that we searched together to find the “perfect” home for me and my children. I would definitely recommend (and have recommended) Cathie. –Sarah G.


Sold a Home in 2008.

I usually do not write recommendations unless that individual is exceptional and Cathie is just such the person. She carefully researched the housing market, in my area and convinced me to set a slightly lower price than I had intended. Without regret, we attracted a buyer who offered more than my asking price. In this time of homes devaluating at an alarming rate, I was happy that we could sell my home and I could walk away with enough money to purchase a larger, nicer home, in its place. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the sale of my home and the purchase of a beautiful, like-new, 2 year old home. It was a bank owned home and Cathie was able to work well with the bank in negotiating the right price and to have them clean up the yard and house by closing time. She is THE BEST! You will not regret taking her advice and using her expertise in the sale of your home and/or purchase of a new home.

Best regards,

J Beeman


Purchased a Home in 2010

Cathie was a great Realtor. She was helpful and persistent in helping us find our home. She was honest and hard-working. We highly recommend her! – newstan


Purchased a Home in 2010.

Cathie was patient while we sorted thru many properties and was the best when we had to start all over again thru no fault of our own. When I lost the house she was in the middle of moving herself but still took the time to get me a new place even better than the one I lost. I would recommend Cathie to everyone looking to purchase a home – she helped make mine a home not just a house. – cjfancy


Sold a Home in 2009.

Cathie has great knowledge of the Real Estate market in and around Phoenix. She is a very hard worker and is honest. She thought more about what we wanted than her commission. I would highly recommend her and her team for any real estate needs. – Dan Ray


Purchased a home in 2010

Cathie Gibson went way above and beyond in helping me to find the right house in Arizona, she spent countless hours in researching as well as showing me all kinds of properties until I found the right one for myself. I would most certainly recommend her and “Arizona’s Dream Team to anyone who is even   thinking about purchasing property in Arizona!

Thank you,

Dave Anderlik Lebanon, Oregon


Bought a Single Family home in 2009

My husband and I were first time home buyers and didn’t have much knowledge about purchasing a home. Cathie was there for us anytime we had a question or needed anything. We looked at many homes, she even took me to look at a home at 7 Pm instead of waiting til the next day. She was very patient   even when we really didn’t know what we were looking for in a home, she was there to guide us and help us figure that out. – williams_clan7160




Sold a Home in 2013

Dependable, Energetic, honest, accountable, and structured. I was free to ask all the questions I needed at any time…and I always received a timely responses. Selling my home was a long distance process and took some time, I was ready to throw in the towel but Cathie was there coaching me along in the process. Cathie has been beyond professional and I am thankful for having such a great Team, She exceeded my expectations!

~ Norrell Williams


Sold in 2009~ Sold in 2011 ~ Purchased in 2012

Cathie has great knowledge of the Real Estate market in and around Phoenix. She is a very hard worker and is honest. She thought more about what we wanted than her commission. I would highly recommend her and her team for any real estate needs.

~ Caroline Seaman


Sold 2006, Purchased 2006, Purchased 2009, Sold 2013, Sold 2014, Purchased 2015

Fantastic! Grrrrreat, above and beyond what you expect and this is an individual that shows a very professional attitude in what she does. Cathie has provided us with some service since 2006 and was our realtor for buying and selling three home’s, leasing on two different occasions and always there to provide us with any and all necessary information that was requested by us to her and she always came back with results either good or other wise. Again above & beyond with positive attitude.

We would recommend Catherine to anyone who is in the market where they need a professional individual such as Cathie.

~ Joseph G. Pompa

~ Janet M. Fennen